GrassLand Finance
Welcome to GrassLand!
GrassLand Finance is a progressive layered yield farming protocol on the Polygon network which, ultimately, aims to introduce creative features (like burning vaults and delegated farming systems) that enable past layers to remain relevant beyond being used to farm future layers.

Layer Features


Our multipliers are set up in a manner such that providing liquidity is highly incentivized.
Moreso, future layers are expected to profit of "delegate farming" mechanisms to help sustain native token price.


For impermanent loss (IL) risk averse users, single staking pools are also available, alongside well-established blue-chip cryptocurrencies and stable coins.

Dividend Pools

Due to the limited token supply, native to most layered projects, the main demand incentivizing system will revolve around cash-flow payouts (aka. dividends), while a more selective approach will be taken in regards to buybacks to prevent them from becoming a waste of platform income.
WILD holders will be able to stake their tokens for a variety of blue chip, and partnered projects, tokens alike.
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