GrassLand Finance
Fees & Distribution

πŸ’Έ Farm & Pool Fees

  • 0% Transfer fees
  • 0% Withdrawal fees
  • 0% Harvesting fees
  • 0% Deposit fee on native pools and farms
  • 1% Deposit fee for previous layer pools and farms.
  • 4% Deposit fee on non-native pools and farms

Deposit fee distribution:

  • 50% of the deposit fees will be used for marketing, development and buyback.
  • 20% of the deposit fees will be redistributed to our Native Token holders via dividends
  • 30% of the deposit fees will be used to pay the team
  • All previous layers tokens received by deposit fees will be burned. LPs will be removed, native tokens burnt and the other pair token will be used according to the wallet where it is.